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Osmani holds coordinative meeting with religious communities regarding the Census

 Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met with the leaders of religious communities in the Republic of North Macedonia which discussed the course and the activities regarding the 2021 Census, which has started for several categories of citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, including the diaspora since 1 March. The meeting was held at the Parliamentarians’ club, and was attended by the State Statistical Office Simevski, the Director of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups, Sotirovski, and the Director of the Emigration Agency, Bliznakovski. “I called the religious leaders to a meeting and briefed them on the process,in order to present our activities and, of course, to ask for their support, a public appeal on their part, for an even broader and more thorough mobilization of our citizens in the census. Religious communities have a developed network throughout numerous global centres where our citizens live, as well as an eminent authority among our diaspora, and I consider their contribution to this process especially important.We have had a productive talk and, at my personal satisfaction, I think that today we secured significant support that will contribute to even wider spread of information among our diaspora”, Osmani emphasised. That was also the reason for the presence of the Director of the Emigration Agency, as a competent institution with a wide network of contacts that they have with expatriates, their associations and organizations. Their involvement in activities and logistics aimed at our diaspora would mean a contribution to the success of this process. At the meeting, Osmani talked about the importance of involvement of the diaspora, their self-registration, the massiveness of this process, which would lead to an improved picture of the distribution of our citizens abroad and in that context, he underlined: “We will get a picture of their communication with our country as well as their needs for state services; we will get a picture of their ambitions, whether to remain in the country of their stay or even better, the potentials or possibilities to return in our country; we will get information about their qualitative, demographic, educational, social structure, this is very important information that will help us as a country, as a society to increase communication and create real policies aimed at the diaspora.”  At the end of the meeting, Osmani emphasised that this process should not be exclusive, but on the contrary, through common, inclusive cooperation such as the one today, and throughout the process, by including all participants in the public life, in order to achieve the goal, to have a successful census.  

The census starts on Monday, the Diaspora is included in the census for the first time

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, at a joint press conference with the Director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, presented the preparations for the start of the most important statistical operation for our country – the 2021 CENSUS. “Yesterday I called an extraordinary meeting of the heads of all Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts, whereupon I gave direct instructions to the whole diplomatic network to place themselves fully at disposal of the census teams and the overall process in order to complete the census successfully for our employees and our diaspora”, Osmani emphasised. In that vein, speaking of the role that our Embassies will have during this process, Osmani stressed: “The role of our diplomatic network will be to identify all possible channels of communication, and through increased promotional activity, to spread information about this process to every citizen of ours that lives and works abroad. This activity, in the next 50 days will be the highest priority of our diplomatic network.” In terms of the fact that this is the first time that a census operation for the diaspora is being conducted, which is a further challenge as well as an obligation to have a successful census, Osmani highlighted: “The census provides an opportunity, through our proactive role, to demonstrate responsibility and commitment to our diaspora, which has an important role in the overall processes of our country. This is a good opportunity to show care for our citizens abroad and to create conditions for permanent cooperation, fast communication and closeness, accomplishing thus the main goal – for the diaspora to be an inextricable part of this country.” Minister Osmani, sending a message to all our citizens, regardless of whether they are in the country or temporarily work or study abroad, or if they are a part of our diaspora, underscored: One of the key elements that is necessary for successful policies is precisely the real picture of the population and its economic, educational and social structure. There is no other way to get the real picture except through the census as a statistical operation that is a prerequisite for any organized country to be able to plan its development. I ask for your active participation in this process, exercise this right and civil obligation so that we can obtain the key data that will allow us to appropriately plan our policies.” From 1-15 March, all employees of the Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts, including their families, will be able to self-count or self-register, through the online application prepared by the State Statistical Office, for which relevant links have already been posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The registration is easy, simple and fast, available in eight languages, including Macedonian, Albanian and English, for which special video-tutorials, i.e. instructions were presented at the press conference, which describe the complete process in a simple and clear manner. At the same time, the census starts for all our citizens who are abroad, i.e. our diaspora, who will have a much longer period, from 1 March to 21 April, or in the next 50 days, to exercise this right and civil obligation in the same manner, by simple accessing of the application. 

Osmani: The Holocaust – a tragedy not to be forgotten

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, delivered an address at the commemoration on the occasion of 27 January – the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day of remembering and paying respects to more than six million innocent children, women and men, including 7.144 Macedonian Jews, who lost their lives in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and other death camps. “It is our civilizational duty to fight, constantly and uncompromisingly, turning remembrance into action, against relativization of evil, distortion of history, denial of facts and the truth about the Holocaust. We have be vocal and say ‘NO!’ loud and clear – to antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance”, Osmani emphasised. Speaking of the importance of the Holocaust, as a tragedy that must not be forgotten, and noting that today should not be the only day when we remember the Holocaust, Osmani stressed: “We should all, both together and individually, work on spreading universal values, strengthening social cohesion, investing in education and youth, on developing and raising awareness about the value of existence and respect for all differences in a pluralistic society.” The commemoration, which was held as an online event, featured addresses of the President of the Assembly of the Jewish Community in the Republic of North Macedonia, Mrs. RadojkaHelman-Denkovska, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs. Anke Holstein, the non-resident Ambassador of the State of Israel, Mr. Dan Oryan, as well as FahriHiseini, the coordinator of the regional project of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam “History – Lessons for the Present”, from the Youth Educational Forum in Skopje. 27 January is the day of liberation of the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenauconcentration camp, and with the United Nations Resolution of 1 November 2005, it has been designated as the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, which the Republic of North Macedonia, as responsible and respected member of the international community, has traditionally observed for many years.

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